Last post. New blog at: http://varaneckas.com

I have been quite silent lately - been up to many things. A short list of events:

  • Quit my job
  • Decided that it's time to move away from Java
  • Started using a lot of Ruby on Rails (and loving it)
  • Launched a bookmarking service: saveit.in
  • Launched a Lithuanian geosearch engine for builders: Radai Statybos
  • Launched my new personal website, which includes a new blog: varaneckas.com
This is my last post for Paranoid Engineering blog. It was fun, but I'd rather use my own domain and other tools I prefer. See you!


The Experiment

I'm conducting a little experiment. The outcome will determine if this service will get built. It's simple. If this goes viral or at least gets enough atention, I'm going for it, otherwise - only 3 hours were wasted.


Pikky - Haters Gonna Hate

Time to reveal my new spare time project - a social search and opinion service called Pikky. What the hell is a search and opinion service you say? Well, you can search things up, see a slideshow of the results and then love or hate it using two big buttons. You can read more in it's About page.

It's in an early stage of development, so there's nothing amazing. Here are some screens and features:

Home page

Search in action

View what others were searching for

See authenticated user searches in real time

Get awarded with stars for various actions. Perhaps this service will turn out to be a game.

View slideshow in fullscreen mode

Works on iPhone

This project is being developed using Django, and I must say I'm loving the framework. It's much more fun than coding web applications with anything available in Java and it's way less lunatic than Ruby on Rails.

If you want to know what's happening with Pikky, you can follow @pikkyme on Twitter.


Slogan FAIL

Rails deployment that just works!


GitMon Quick Start Screencast

A screencast showing how to install GitMon in 5 minutes on a Mac.