What is Eclipse Mylyn anyway?

Since the release of Eclipse Europa, there was one new big feature - Mylyn. I was sceptic about it, besides it made the IDE slower, so I've kept removing it without getting to know what the hell is Mylyn anyway? After seeing this video I'm about to give it another try. If you're using Eclipse without Mylyn, you must see the video below:

Mylin still sucks big time. Could not get used to it. It's most probably for people with ADD. Read the discussion in comments.


  1. Look. I donwloaded Gallileo. I'm a IDEA guy. I could care less about mylyn.

    Eclipse has no uninstall for mylyn. If I manually remove the mylyn files, upon the next plugin installation mylyn forces itself in even if I don't 'agree' on the license terms.

    Do you know how I feel about mylyn right now? The aversion is boiling already in my against both mylyn and eclipse, I tune out any hype and I'm already set on putting down eclipse and mylyn every opportunity I have.

    Is that how software should be sold to developers? Dude! Take a chill pill, sometimes I just don't need all the goodness that it's force onto me!

    One more reason to renew my license for idea 9.

  2. Dude, guys say "Averaging 1 million downloads/month" on their site. No wonder if you force-fed it to anyone downloading/updating Eclipse. Here is how to permanently get rid of that piece of crap!

    (* is wildcard, using [ instead of angled brackets since they are chewed by tag stripping)

    1- Remove all *mylyn* folders in eclipseRoot/features/ folder
    2- Remove all *mylyn* jars in eclipseRoot/plugins / folder
    3 - Modify eclipseRoot/artifacts.xml file
    a) remove all [artifact][/artifcat] sections with any mylyn in any of the artifact tag attributes (about 40-50!)
    b) count remaining [artifact][/artifact] tags and alter [artifacts size='COUNT'] to reflect new count
    c) Start Eclipse go to Window - Preferences - Install/Update - Available Software sites. Remove Mylyn update site.

    Done, R.I.P. Mylyn

  3. heh...mylyn is for developers with dementia. If you you are losing your context in your IDE you should become an eBay seller instead of writing software

  4. Thanks, I couldn't bear using Mylyn for longer than a couple of days. It's crap indeed. And eclipse starts way faster now.

  5. Ventured a way similar to that of poster #2 and got rid of it - but unfortunately the thing is still marked as installed (Eclipse Helios 3.6.1).
    I am really amazed how this Eclipse plugin stuff continues to be mess, and even seems to have been worsened in Helios!
    How could they ever decide that Mylyn should be 1) a standard plugin and 2) with no opt-out?
    Out of this world.

  6. Has anyone requested that Eclipse NOT distribute Mylyn with their builds? I likewise can't believe they could force everyone to have this plug-in when it's completely unnecessary, and, for many of us, actually *counter-productive*. I've seen the same problem where other plug-ins incorporate it, probably inadvertently.

    I also found this link: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1836994/uninstall-mylyn-from-eclipse-galileo. At least with this I can disable it from slowing down my startup (knowing that I can never permanently block it from being re-installed ;-):

    "If you want to speedup your startup without uninstalling Mylyn, since uninstalling plugins in Eclipse can be tedious, open Window -> Preferences -> General -> Startup and Shutdown and uncheck the Mylyn features."

    Maybe we should register the bundling of Mylyn as a bug and vote for it? ;-)

  7. I have filed a bug for that. Just never got to tell why do I want it uninstalled:

  8. Thanks, Tomas -- voted for it! Looks like they're still awaiting your response.

  9. here it is, it is 2013, and guess what crashed my eclipse. This piece of software called MyLyn. I never asked for it! I lost several hours to figure out how to get rid of this.
    Man, If I cross roads with ANY DEVELOPER of this MYLYN, I WILL SHOT HIM IN THE HEAD! I hate every programmer, even the janitor of the lab, where this piece of JUNK was developed. I hope every possible BAD THING to those programmers and THEIR FAMILIES! THEY WILL DIE FROM HORRIBLE DISEASES!

  10. Meh, it could not be more simpler to get a clean Eclipse install than:

    1. Get the Core pack (no Java, nothing) - Platform Runtime Binary
    2. Add Java SE/EE or whatever (i.e., Java Development Tools)

    I started doing this just because of the junkware called Mylin. Only downside - in Core + Java the updater keeps prompting the "Object Teams Patch for JDT/Core" as an update. Still, the No Mylin Crapware offsets it.


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