Hawkscope: Twitter plugin

The new release of Hawkscope has a Twitter plugin. Here's how you can install and use it:


First, go to Hawkscope Settings

Then go to Plugins tab and click Get Plugins

Hawkscope Plugins page will open in your Browser, click on twitter-1.0.jar to download it

Go to your download folder to find the plugin

Then go back to Hawkscope Settings Plugins tab and click Open in Plugin Location

A new Finder (or another file navigator) window will open. You will have to drag and drop twitter-1.0.jar from your downloads to Hawkscope plugins folder

Then, in Hawkscope Settings Plugins tab click Reload Plugins. You should see Twitter plugin in Available Plugins list

Close Hawkscope Settings window (click OK). Then if you open Hawkscope menu you will see a sad Twitter item. It's sad because there is no configuration.


Go to Settings again. Your settings now has a Twitter tab

Enter your Twitter username and password. You can choose what elements to display. I chose not to see my own tweets. Click OK to apply your settings.

Your Twitter Hawkscope menu item is now enabled


Click Tweet! to add a new Twitter status message

And you can also see more tweets or visit them in browser by clicking

Enjoy! And by the way, this plugin works on all operating systems that Hawkscope supports - Windows, Linux (Gnome) and Mac.

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