A tool for unpacking multiple archives and other ramblings

I've always wondered why torrents are packed into multiple archives, sometimes even archives inside other archives. Anyway, I've got fed up with all the unpacking routines, especially after downloading several seasons of something that has each episode in an individual folder containing 20 rar or zip files. So, after one evening of coding this nightmare is now over.

Here is the screenshot of the stupidly named tool (click to visit project page):

It was also a good reason to try out new version of NetBeans. I still hate GUI builders, however for small "write and forget" kind of projects like Multi Unpacker it's a fairly good choice. However NetBeans is still slow and unresponsive in comparison with Eclipse.

So far Multi Unpacker is for Windows only, however it's a spare evening away from becoming cross-platform (and you are welcome to join the project). Too bad my MacBook broke down completely, so Macs will most probably not get any special treatment... This is also bad news for Hawkscope, unless someone is willing to donate me an old Mac? :)


  1. That's a really cool tool. Is there any chance you could look at the bug I reported here:



  2. Hi Tomas,

    THis is a really great tool. I am trying to do one in VB.net because i need to implement a similar feature into my program. However I am having a trouble with the nested archives. Could you point me in the right direction as to how you did it. It iwll be very appreciaited ;)



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