Dive into Java

Java Jump-start for experienced software developers. Another presentation I gave at work.


  1. Thanks for the post, I'm chasing JAVA lately. I came from .NET world, transmission is not that hard and it's really all about OOP principles and Libraries.

  2. I can see that you don't like Oracle Java much. :)

    So can you give more concrete examples as why Oracle is worse than other?

  3. @Zemian Deng
    You're right, I don't like Oracle Java, and that's for a reason. A few concrete examples of why Oracle Java sucks are:
    * Oracle JDBC drivers. No other database has as much problems with JDBC drivers as Oracle has. If you had no problems, it means you didn't use LOBs, tricky data types or some other advanced features. By the way, try decompiling them and look at the source code. It's terrible.
    * Oracle ADF. My ex-collegue who is an awesome software developer whom I respect has quit his job because he got sick and tired of hacking this ugly framework, which also forces you to use Oracle JDeveloper, which is terrible in all aspects.
    * Oracle Internal JVM (Loading Java into database). Always breaks, so you have to drop the JVM, reload everything back and pray that it will not break again. Also, always at least 3-years behind original Java. Oracle 10g, which is currently standard, has internal Java 1.4. No annotations, no generics. Sucks.
    * Oracle JDeveloper. It's an embarassment to Java IDEs. Period.

    I could go on and on...


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