Hawkscope: Getting Better

Finally, I've managed to finish the SWT implementation of Hawkscope GUI. Along with some other minor fixes and improvements it ended up as a new Hawkscope version: 0.3.0.

A list of key points for this release:

  • Tray icon should work with Mac OS X (at least with 64-bit Leopard /w Java 6)

  • Hawkscope menu is more responsive and usable

  • Keyboard navigation through the menu is finally available

  • Each OS/Architecture has it's own build

  • Added -delay <milliseconds> startup parameter as a workaround for Java bug #6438179 that prevented Hawkscope from auto-starting in operating systems like Ubuntu. Read more in the User Guide

By the way, if you're on 64-bit Vista or 64-bit Leopard with Java 6 and you've got Maven in your hands, you could be helpful by providing the build for your OS. Thank You!

If Java is your cocaine, you are welcome to join the development - just contact me.

Download links for the new Hawkscope 0.3.0:

hawkscope-0.3.0-linux-gtk-32.jar - Linux GTK 32-bit Executable JAR
hawkscope-0.3.0-linux-gtk-64.jar - Linux GTK 64-bit Executable JAR
hawkscope-0.3.0-win-32.exe - Windows XP/Vista 32-bit Executable
hawkscope-0.3.0-win-32.jar - Windows XP/Vista 32-bit Executable JAR

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