Hawkscope on Mac. Finally.

Last week I have quit sleeping and did hell of a coding on Hawkscope. And there's a new version, with many significant changes and improvements. To name a few:

  • Works on Mac OS X! (Java 5, Tiger / Leopard)

  • Installer packages for Windows, Mac and Debian (Ubuntu).

  • Settings can finally be changed via Settings Window, like in most normal applications...

  • Speed! Especially noticeable when you have many network drives.

  • Check for updates. A new way to annoy the users!

  • Blacklist. Remove all the shit you don't want to see.

Download links:
hawkscope_0.4.0-1_i386.deb: Debian Package for i386 GTK Linux (Ubuntu)
hawkscope_0.4.0-1_amd64.deb: Debian Package for amd64 GTK Linux (Ubuntu)
Hawkscope-0.4.0.dmg: Mac OS X i386 Package (Tiger/Leopard)
hawkscope-0.4.0-installer.exe: Windows i386 Installer (XP/Vista)


  1. Hi,

    this util looks good. However I miss one thing here: ability to open folder not with the default system's file manager, but with my preferred one.
    For instance, I have Windows machine and love the FAR Manager. It is a kind of "orthodox file manager" but still boosts my productivity many times compared to default Windows Explorer or even Total Commander (maybe it's a matter of my habit).
    What do you and others think about such a parameter?

  2. @Anonymous:
    Hi. Custom actions and preferred applications is a part of what the upcoming Hawkscope plugin system will provide in near future.

  3. That sounds sweet! Ačiū, Tomai!


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